use case: commuting and errands

Electric planks have been advancing by leaps and bounds in the last few years. This maturity brings new capabilities to the platform that have not been present until now. Getting one of these things for play was always an option, but now we have some additional use cases to consider.

First and foremost is finally being able to use electric skateboards for commuting and running errands. Up until now, electric skateboards have suffered from lower power levels and limited battery packs keeping practical usage out of reach. No longer.

Now we have huge battery packs, fast charging, and even removable battery pack options to consider. This makes range anxiety a thing of the past. Some boards will deliver more than 20 miles of range under real street conditions! By carrying spare packs, range is now effectively unlimited. That is a really new thing that we’ve never had access to before.

Now, most serious manufacturers recognize that people live in the real world and sometimes things get wet. We’re seeing weather resistance and even water and dust-proofing being added to the latest designs. Everything you need to get you to your gig, your drop-off, your pick-up or your hangout.

The last key to practicality is to find manufacturers who build to last and who stand behind what they sell with a solid warranty reflective of the product you are purchasing. 1 year and even 2 year warranties are now being offered.

Does your manufacturer only offer a 6 month warranty for a product that cost over $1000? Do they think so little of their product? Why would you settle for that?

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